Sunny Flowers on a Cake Mission

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Sunny Flowers who lived in a town called Happy.

It was Sunday and the sun was shining brightly and the birds sang in the trees.

“I want to bake a cake”, said Sunny Flowers to herself, “to share with my friends and to cheer up my neighbours.” But when she looked through her larder, she realized that she was completely out of sugar. Now, Sunny was very creative and could always think on her feet, but one thing was for sure: You can’t bake a cake without sugar.

As it was Sunday, all the shops were closed in Happy, so Sunny decided to go around and ask her friends to see if maybe they could help her with some sugar. She grabbed her cardigan from the coat hook, and off she ran out the garden gate.

First, she asked her friend MONKEY, a cheeky, cheerful chap who was always in a good mood. “Hello Monkey, I want to bake a cake, but I’m out of sugar. Do you happen to have any for me?”, says Sunny.

“Cake??!!” Mmmmh!!! Yummy!!! I love cake. Cake Cake Cake. Mhmmm. Yummy. No. No sugar. I have no sugar. Sugar have I not. But I love cake and I want cake, so I’m all for it, and I will help you find sugar. Ok?”

“Ok! Great!”

So, Sunny and Monkey happily set off together, searching for sugar.

It is not long before they run into a tall, elegant lady with lots of confidence, who makes big sweeping gestures with her arms when she speaks. It’s Prima Donna. The grand dame of Happy.

“Good afternoon, Prima Donna. How are you? It’s Sunny Flowers and monkey here.” (Prima Donna always forgets people’s names and needs reminding, because she lives in her own Prima Donna world). “We are looking for sugar to bake a cake. Do you have any?”

“You mean-a you make-a a cake-a? Hmmm, now that’s a nice idea. It’s amazing how you always find-a time-a to do such-a nice-a things. I’m too busy tending to my hair and nails and learning my lines for my next big stage performance”, says Prima Donna sweeping her arms far and wide. “I have no sugar, my dear friend, because it make-a fat, and Prima Donna need-a watch her waist line, but I wish you good luck! And send me a picture of your cake!”

They wave a friendly goodbye to each other and off they go further down the woodland path.

There they meet a grumpy dark creature with stroppy hair, who wears an old sack for a gown. He looks scary, but it’s someone they’ve known all their lives and he is an important part of Happy. He protects the town from bad demons and intruders. Or so he thinks. He’s always VERY busy and no-one has ever just sat around a campfire with him, having a giggle or drinking a cup of tea.

“Hey, big guy”, shout Sunny and Monkey, “do you happen to have any sugar for us? We’re gonna bake a cake, but we’re out of sugar.”

“Cake? What do you want to make a cake for?”, he says in the grumpiest way you can imagine anyone saying anything.

“To share with my friends and to cheer up my neighbours. Everyone likes cake”, hollers Sunny.

“But all the mess it makes in the kitchen, and all the time it takes, and all these precious logs you burn up to heat the oven. Why do you even bother? Just go and buy some cake. It’s so much easier and cheaper and makes no mess!”, says the grumpy old guy.

“But shop cake doesn’t have Sunny Flowers love in it”, protests Sunny Flowers. “That’s the tastiest ingredient of all.”

The big guy gives out a loud, belting laugh, as if Sunny had just said something utterly ridiculous and stupid.

So she said it again!

“Cake needs Sunny Flowers’ love to taste any good. And people need cake to be happy. So, I’m making my cake – like it or not.”, said Sunny and stormed off, locking arms with monkey, who showed the big guy his tongue as they walked away.

“No-one is going to want to eat all your cake. You aren’t even a trained cake maker”, the grumpy guy shouts after Sunny, and goes back into his tiny little dark cabin in the woods.

Sunny and Monkey rolled their eyes and couldn’t believe how mean and sour the grumpy guy was. And how he doesn’t care about the love Sunny puts in her cakes! Zzzzz!

They walked and walked, further down the woodland path, still without sugar, until they reached the house of a wise and kind woman, the Blackberry Fairy. They knocked on her door.

“Blackberry Fairy, are you in? It’s Sunny Flowers and Monkey.”

The Fairy flings the door open with a big, open smile on her face.

“Hello you two, what a lovely surprise to see you! Come on in, I’m just having tea and cake with my neighbour, the Linden Fairy”.

“Thank you”, said Sunny, “we came to see you because we need some sugar. I want to bake a cake, but I’m all out of sugar and the shops are closed. Do you have any spare?”

“Absolutely do I have some sugar to spare for you. I always have plenty to hand, because you never know when that cake baking mood hits you. Here, have this bag of sugar! Enough for 4 cakes. At least.”

Sunny Flowers and Monkey were over the moon with happiness. They had finally gotten the sugar they needed to make a cake. The Linden Fairy also gave them apples and pears from her garden, because she had wayyyy too many to eat all by herself. Now Sunny had enough of everything to make an apple AND a pear cake. Hooray!

They all gave each other a big kind goodbye hug. The kind that lasts you all the way home and beyond. And off Sunny and Monkey went, dancing all the way back home down the woodland path.

Mission accomplished.

When their cakes were ready, they didn’t forget to send Prima Donna a picture. But the big grumpy guy didn’t get a piece, because he didn’t appreciate the special ingredient that went into Sunny’s cakes: Love.