For natural, contemporary and inviting spaces




Here is a selection of the creative work I do and which you are welcome to contact me about.

Custom-made coat racks to any length and specs required // Design and build bespoke shelving // Built-in shelving // Customizing and transforming IKEA furniture // Facelift and refurbishment of worn tables, dressers, cabinets, doors, shelving // Custom-painting any surface with my designs // Bespoke staining // Design and build bespoke articles such as book-ends, easels or business card dispensers // Advice & Consultation // Re-imagining your living spaces // Making drab rooms desirable for Airbnb and lets // Liaising with professional photographers, designers, architects and specialist trades people

Please be advised that my untamable signature tends towards the warm and bohemian, with an appreciation for botanical and mid-century, mediterranean and rustic, industrial and modern elements. If you are looking for an interior style that incorporates leather furniture, flourescent lighting, frilly curtains or, alas, off-the-shelf pictures that spell out the words LOVE or HOME, then I am not the right person to help you.