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Interior Design Consultations

Are you tired of your living room, bathroom or bedroom? You know you want to improve it, but you’re not sure which direction to take it. That’s what interior designers are for. I can assist you at every stage in the transformation of your living space. Yet I know that it can be daunting to involve a stranger in something as personal as the journey to your perfect home interior. Every designer has her own style, and you want to be sure that it will match your own taste. There are certain styles I am passionate about, and this is the inevitable signature you will get from me when you invite me into the process of re-designing your interior.

I love to create natural, warm, contemporary, bright and inviting spaces. I love to work with natural materials such as wood, bamboo, plants and organic linen. I love positive, calming and life-affirming atmospheres, but also invigorating colours in the right places. Contemporary interior design styles that I draw inspiration from include botanical, industrial, Scandinavian, mid-century, bohemian, modern rustic and Mediterranean.

So, if you like what you see in my interior design section on this page, it is likely we will harmonise when working on your space.

I offer initial 1-hour consultations during which we will brainstorm together. I will leave you with a useful list of further design concepts to research and inspirational resources tailored to the specifics that come up in our session. This may be all that is necessary to get you inspired, so you can take it from there. But if you would like further assistance, I am available to draw up floor plans, create concept boards to help you visualize different styles, source furniture and unique accessories or liaise with professional photographers, designers, architects and specialist trades people.

Price: initial one-hour consultation 60 GBP.


DIY Consultations for Women

I am here to offer guidance to women who wish to undertake their own DIY projects. You may have just bought a house or flat and are itching to do as much of the refurbishment as you can by yourself. You have done bits and bobs in the past and are pretty hands on, but you feel a bit daunted by some aspects of the work and would prefer guidance from a more experienced female DIYer in the more challenging projects, such as tiling a floor, building an arched brick fireplace, or building an alcove bookshelf. I am there to help. You can book me for a one-off consultation to talk through the stages of your project, while I assist with advice on methods, materials, tools and various challenges you may face. After that you will have the confidence to do the work yourself.

Price: Initial 1-hour project consultations will be £60.



In addition to one-off DIY consultations, I also offer working in tandem with you. This means we can do individual projects together as a team. In this scenario, I will act as your guide and mentor throughout the work process, helping you increase your confidence and knowledge. And the next time you do it, you won’t need my advice! I will also bring useful power tools such as brad nailers, electric tile cutters and a mitre saw, so you don’t have to buy or hire them.

Price: £30/hour


Women’s DIY Empowerment Workshops

For an overview of workshops I currently offer, visit this page [Note to Jez: or something like that… basically, link to Workshop page]. I also offer bespoke workshops designed to meet your needs, so don’t be afraid to ask. To find out about new workshop dates, the best thing is to follow my Facebook page , as this is where my announcements will appear first.


Building alcove shelving

I offer the occasional joinery slot, where I design and build for you, or in tandem with you, built-in shelving. I specialise in sophisticated shelving with disguised support (as seen in the pictures below of projects I completed recently). We would design your alcove shelving together during the initial consultation with plenty of advice and a technical drawing provided for you. You could then decide whether you want to complete the job yourself, or work in tandem alongside me, or whether you would prefer to hire me to do the entire job.

Price: initial consultation 60 GBP


All prices include VAT