Artisan & Expressionist Wood Creations


Teeny tiny toilet revamp

It’s difficult sometimes knowing what to do with a tiny space like a British-style toilet, which is separate from the bathroom. Dark colours can make the room seem oppressive and claustrophobic. Just plain white can seem sterile and bland. I decided to go with a cheerful, mediterranean look with nods to botanical style (use of woods and plants) and industrial style (the ceiling lamp). I also prepared a nice piece of pine window board and asked the window fitters to use it instead of their standard painted MDF board, just to add a little extra warmth to the space. The horizontal rod for the plant hanger above the window is walnut dowel treated with Danish oil.

Kitchen-turned-guest room

When we got our house, it had the kitchen where the old kitchen used to be in Victorian times, sandwiched between the front reception room and the back reception room. We wanted our kitchen to lead out into the garden, so we appropriated this room in the middle as our second lounge/guest room which we call our “Stübchen” (German for ‘little lounge’). We exposed the old fireplace including entire chimney breast, changing the brickwork slightly to give the fireplace an arched opening, we updated the built-in cabinet doors, being sure to keep the old Victorian ones at the top, and gave the room a warm red, cosy comfy wall colour. Now it’s the most popular room in our house.

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Reception room-turned-kitchen

This was just a grey little reception room when we first got the house. We had this vision of a bright and cheerful kitchen to come down to in the morning. Manchester can be a pretty cloudy place, so we wanted our kitchen to work against that and bring some Mediterranean sunshine into our home. We went for a bohemian rustic style with a Belfast sink, invigoratingly yolky yellow walls and glazed terracotta tiles from Mexico.

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Bathroom revamp

Our old bathroom had a bunch of built-in pine cabinets, which made the already small space appear even smaller. When re-conceptualizing the room, we wanted something bright, light and airy, so we tore out all the cabinets and ripped out the built-in bathtub to replace it with a craw-feet, roll-top one. We exposed the brick wall behind all the old plaster and stained wooden support rails within the brick wall. We exposed the wooden floorboards. I built the sink-top from boards which were washed ashore at Derwent water in Keswick during the 2015 flood.

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